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Student Council in Our Lady’s Meadow NS

By Madeleine Mockler 6th Class (Chairperson Student Council)

The 9th of October was an historic day in Our Lady’s Meadow NS as the students from 3rd Class to 6th got to cast their votes for the first time ever to elect their Student Council.

The process began when people from those classes volunteered to put their name forward as a class representative on the council. Each of the candidates made a speech for their classmates in the week prior to the Election Day. Then on Election Day under the watchful eye of our Returning Officers: Oisín Dalton and Paula Alksne (6th Class), the pupils got to make their final decisions on their choice of candidate and then cast their vote in the polling booth. It was all very exciting.

After the final vote had been cast, the Ballot Box was taken to the count centre (Ms Neary’s Classroom) where each vote was checked and counted by the returning officers Oisín and Paula with the assistance of  Ms Neary and Mrs. Manning.

The election was a tight race in all the classes but eventually we had winners for each class grouping and the following pupils were declared elected and announced by Mrs. Coe.

3rd Class: Cara Roe and Darragh Bowe

4th Class: Juliette Quinn and Chloe Gee

5th Class: Aoife Lawlor and Harry Gee

6th  Class: Madeleine Mockler and Brian Gee

Darragh Bowe and Mia-Lilly Fogarty were elected from the votes as the pupils to represent the Junior pupils on the Student Council.

The Student Council held their first meeting on Wednesday October18th. Everyone present enjoyed a hot cup of tea with some pastries to mark the very special occasion, before getting down to the business of the meeting.

The officers for the Council were elected following a vote and the council chose their Student Council badge which each member will wear while they are on the council.

It was decided at the meeting that our main priority for the next few weeks was to ensure we get nets for the goals on our pitch.

A Suggestion Box will be put into all the classroom so the pupils can make suggestions for topics to be discussed at meetings throughout the year.