RTE School on The T.V.

The timetable for RTE School at home is now up under ‘INFO for Parents’ if you would like to check it out 🙂

Welcome back after Easter 🙂

There is a new letter on the ‘Info for Parents’ page from our principal

Admissions Policy

Our Admissions Policy is now available to view on both our ‘Policies’ page and our ‘Info for Parents’ page

The Big Game

The children have been busy designing posters and flags ahead of Sunday’s big game! Some children have even written chants. Check them out below 🙂 Harps Chant by Milo Brennan Harps, Harps on ye go, The Harps are gonna steal this show! Harps, Harps, na Cláirsigh go breá, an corn seo a ghlacadh- tá, tá, Read more…

Happy Easter from everyone in Our Lady’s Meadow. This Easter please do your best to stay safe and healthy.

There is a new letter from Mrs. Coe on the ‘Info for Parents’ page, please check.

Click the link to ‘Class News’ to check out what the Junior Infants are up to!

26th March Update

Follow the link to the ‘Info for Parents’ page that has just been updated and includes a letter from our principal 🙂

23rd March Update

Click the link below to bring you straight to ‘Info for Parents’

World Down Syndrome Day 21st March 2020

Send any of your pictures of you wearing some colourful socks to kmegan037@gmail.com and then Caroline will get them posted online to show our support 🙂

3rd Class Google Classroom

If you haven’t received an email to join the Google Classroom for 3rd Class please type ‘join a google classroom’ into google and use the code:jegcxau This classroom is only to be joined by the parents/ guardians and pupils of 3rd class. Thank you.

Updates March 19th

Please check the ‘Info for Parents’ page to access free links to educational material and school work for the children 🙂

Coronavirus and Code of Behaviour Policy

Information regarding covid-19 (coronavirus) is available on the ‘Info for Parents’ (under ‘Our School’) page while our revised Code of Behaviour Policy is available on our ‘Policies’ page.

Check out our ‘Class News’ page to see our debate team and to see some amazing space projects by 3rd class (they’re out of this world)!

The standardised school years are now available under ‘Info for Parents’ 🙂

School Self-Evaluation Report and Improvement Plan and Wellbeing Policy are now on our policies page 🙂

Marty and Bernard on Tour

A Visit from the LSPCA

Happy New Year from us all in Our Lady’s Meadow 🙂

Christmas Talent Show Link!