A Visit from Farmer Tom

A huge thank you to Farmer Tom for bringing his animals for us all to see. From Junior Infants to Sixth Class, the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Child Safeguarding Statement (Link to our Policies and Documents page)

Policies & Documents

Summer Holidays

Thank you for all your help and support throughout the year. Wishing you a happy, healthy and safe break from all in Our Lady’s Meadow!  

5th Class Veggie and Herb Giveaway!

Well done to all the children involved in our school garden this year. 5th Class harvested the produce and gave it to some lucky customers before the school closes for the holidays!  

Sports Day 2023!

School Tour Fun!

All classes had a ball on their tours!

Bake Sale

A massive congratulations to 5th Class and 6th Class who organised a Bake Sale to raise money for ‘Walk to Talk’. Thank you to everyone who dropped in bakes and treats and to all who contributed in some way.

School Garden and Tidy Towns

A huge thank you to Fiona and Fred for organising a fantastic lesson on planting. Fred helped 5th and 6th classes to plant an Apple Tree and plenty more. Everything planted will be a fantastic addition to our already blooming herb, vegetable, fruit and flower garden!

Updates: Notification Regarding the Board of Management’s Review of the Child Safeguarding Statement / Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment

Click the link to bring you to our Policies and Documents Page. Policies & Documents

Happy Easter!

Have a very happy and peaceful Easter from everyone at Our Lady’s Meadow.

Thank you to everyone in Sheppard’s Auction House for having us!

School Garden

We have been very busy weeding and planting our very own School Garden. Stay tuned for updates!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all from Our Lady’s Meadow!

World Book Day

We really enjoyed celebrating ‘World Book Day 2023’ here in Our Lady’s Meadow. Junior and Senior Infants were allowed to choose some of their favourite books for ‘Shared Reading’ with 5th and 6th class. Some very happy faces here.

Out and About in 5th Class

Debate Team

Our Debate Team enjoying a well deserved trip to Bowes. Thank you Mrs. O’Shea!

Special Class Application and Decision Dates for admission to 2023/2024

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Updated ‘Code of Behaviour’ and ‘Homework Policy’

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School Admission Form

Info For Parents Follow the link to bring you to the ‘Info for Parents’ page. Here you will find our Admission Form for the new school year 2023/24.

Debate Team

Congratulations to our Debate Team who are through to the next round. Thank you to Mrs. O’Shea and Ms. Connolly for all your help and support.